The pain!!!!!!!

11:35 PM

Ahhh........!!!!! The back of my waist hurts!!! So does my neck!!! Arghhhh!!!!!!! I massage my neck over and over and even gave it a crack. It has been a long time since I cracked my neck...u know...give it a sound *krekk* xD. This was all due to my training session yesterday. 3 hours!!! In my living room. From 12pm to 3pm. 10 minute break in each hour. The break was for drinking water, watch some tv, and BREATHE!!!! Huh-hah-huh-hah----! As always...I strained some parts of my muscle. That always happens. I seldom stretch before training. Haha~ Stupid me. Guess I should strecth 1st huh? Ya, I'll do dat. This morning when I woke up and stood up. I felt the pain on the back of my waist. ERK! I had to walk slowly. It's getting better though. I hope tomorrow I can fully train. Im working on some new sets and moves. Owh yeah, did I mention that I have a bruise on my right shoulder?? Haha~ ouch.....the pain...uhuhuhuhu~~~~ Well, like they pain, no gain~ :D

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