Officially a teacher

7:39 PM

On the night of August 18th, the teaching post for each and every fresh graduate teachers that were present during the orientation was announced. My intuition said that I would get posted to somewhere in Beluran. As my intuition had told me, I was correct. What was more of a coincidence was that the night before our teaching post was announced, I had Googled about the school the night before because the school got me intrigued when one of the presenters during the orientation explained a bit about the school being a cluster school despite it being in a rural area. There were a few blog posts that came out as the results in the search engine. The posts were written by the teacher that got posted to the school (FYI, the teacher is no longer teaching at the school). Apart from those blog entries, I think this blog post is going to be the newest blog entry that elaborates a newbie teacher’s experience regarding her stay at the school. Whoever is reading this, especially if you’ve stumbled upon this entry because you are going to be a teacher there, firstly, I hope you put aside your negative perceptions regarding the environment in rural schools. It’s better than what other people would usually expect – especially in SMK Terusan Sugut.

When I first got to know that I was going to be the new teacher in SMK Terusan Sugut, the only thought in my head was – I hope there’s Internet connection and phone coverage there. Of course I don’t expect to be able to stream movies or TV shows while I’m here. All the more reason for me to binge watch all of my favourite shows when I’m back in KK during the school holidays. Just as long as I could check my Twitter and Facebook posts from my friends and family as well as being able to contact them via any social media or normal mobile phone line, it’s already good enough for me. Fortunately, by switching to Maxis, I’m being able to do just that here. It’s just that the connection here is unstable and there are places where Internet connection and phone coverage aren’t able to get through. Since I am the warden and I’ve been given a place to stay at the warden’s house, I'm thankful that there is available phone coverage and Internet connection here.

The two hour boat ride to this place would make the place seem out of contact with civilization and other people to have pity toward anyone getting posted to this place. Like I said, it’s not as bad as you would have imagined it to be. All you need to do is to inculcate positivity, learning to adapt to the environment, and keep an open mind.

I deem myself as a suburban girl who is now working in a rural area. There is a big transition there.  Honestly speaking, although I’ve been living in a suburban area whilst having the privilege of experiencing the city life my whole life, I’ve had always wanted to get posted to a place like this and to experience living in such a place as this. I need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life once in a while. It’s no doubt that I’m going to miss the pleasures of being in the city, but hey, it’s not like there are no school holidays to look forward to.

For the time being, despite the hardship, it’s a pleasant place to live in – if you’re the type that prefers living in a greenish and calm environment. I know I do. Especially when I am with my books. However, there is no doubt that in a few years time, circumstances would have to make me transfer out from this place. But that’s going to be another story to be told in the future. 

I'm grateful to be posted here. Not to mention the big pay. But it's not about the money. It's about helping the students here in terms of teaching them English (with their level, it's going to be a HUGE challenge. But I've spotted a very few that aren't as weak as the others.) as well as educating them in any way that I can.

It welcomes me with an open heart.
Outsiders would often say that the environment of this place is like that of a resort. 

The 2 hour journey to Terusan Sugut.

Went for a picnic and fishing with the rest of the teachers the other day.

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