Dear future husband,

7:51 PM

Dear future husband, 

We can plan our date,
Both of us deserve a break.
Flowers are not necessary for every anniversary
We need to treat each other right
I'll never be the perfect wife
You'll never be the perfect husband
Buying groceries
Buying what we need
Maybe we take turns to cook
And that one day I'll rest and read a book
 You gotta know how to treat me like a lady (with a mind)
When I'm acting crazy,
constructively critique me when I'm overreacting.
Even if I was wrong,
You know at times I'll be wrong,
You'll disagree, you'll, you'll disagree,
So let's discuss the different perspectives for us to see.

This is just a random piece. I made a bit of alterations to Meghan Trainor's song 'Dear Future Husband' with my own idea and portrayal as a (future) wife in the form of a free verse poem (?). The portrayal of a wife and what she expects of her husband in the song is not really in my favor. But the song is still a catchy song to listen to though.

This is just my personal opinion. 

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