The Art Factory 2014!

1:32 PM

People of different backgrounds coming and going from the entrance of the warehouse. Oh no, it's not just a normal warehouse where the confinement seems soulless and unexplored. It's the warehouse that has been turned into an art gallery displaying breathtaking photographs and paintings on every side of the walls. 

On the 13th and 14th of December 2014, a first-time event had been held in the same warehouse. It's 'The Art Factory'! Many talented fine artists (meaning illustrators, painters, sketchers, photographers) were there to display their artwork and sell them! Crafters were also there to sell their products and conduct workshops. 

My main attraction during the event was the artwork done by Elena Kravchenko. Her artwork somehow gives me a sense of serenity just by looking at them. They were so breathtaking I just had to purchase one of them and have it as a decoration for my room!

It was my first time participating an event like this as one of the vendors. I shared a booth with my cousins. We go by the name of 'Cajun Cart'. We're not of the Cajun ethnicity (duh) but we chose the name because it evolved from the word 'cousin' in terms of spelling and phonetics. That's all. 

The two-day event had been fun & it had given me tremendous experience as well as lessons for my future endeavors! 

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