Anti-typical woman

3:25 PM

Sometimes I'm ashamed of how women are being portrayed on the internet. Emotional, indecisive of what to wear when they have hundreds of clothes to choose from in their wardrobe, and buying unnecessary clothes. These are the typical description about women that we used to see or hear whether on the net, from the mouths of other people or from our own observations. It's embarrassing. We're basically a laughing stock. I admit that I am sometimes two of the three and I'm ashamed of it. I exclude being emotional because I don't think I am as emotional as other women. 

I have set my mind to eliminate the two from my behavior. Why? Because I'm ashamed of having such behaviors. I dislike being labelled the same as the majority of the female population. I'm not implying I want to be less feminine or some sort but what I mean is to be more rational than most women when it comes to these types of things. Consider the mind over the heart.

It's time to be different. Rationally different.

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