Passion for words

5:05 PM

My interest in writing stories began when I was about 10 years old. But at that time, my knowledge of English vocabulary was limited. I didn't even read a lot of books or stories that can serve as examples of how writing should be. But back then what I knew was that I just wanted to write stories. I had a plot and imagination in my mind, but the challenge was the lack of vocabulary. Even so, I had attempted to write. So I did. The theme was supernatural. It was about witches who were siblings. That time 'Charmed' was one of the most popular TV shows. So, the TV show was my source of inspiration for the story. I wrote my story in a typical school exercise book and I even wrapped it with a black wrapping paper. Witches had always been traditionally associated with the colour black right? So there. To make the book looked more appealing, I used a silver pen to decorate the front cover. My time for writing? During recess or when there was no teacher around. Never at home.

I didn't get to finish the story. I neglected it for quite some time and never had the thought of continuing it. My mom was cleaning one day and asked if I still wanted it. I told her not to throw it away. Fast forward to a few years, I thought of searching for the book, to read through it, to criticize the grammatical errors that my 10-year-old self had committed, to be amazed at myself how I could compose such a story, because my present self is not really keen on writing stories with supernatural elements. I'd always wondered why I didn't continue the story. Maybe because other interest had come along and writing became none of them.  I remembered half of the book was already written. To this very day, I regret that I did not keep the book properly. 

My interest in writing stopped for a few years. It somehow came back when I was 20. But during this time, I had started to read books. They are now my source of inspiration and my model for writing. I can't say that writing is a natural talent for me. For some people, it is. I just become amazed at how they describe a situation so vividly just by using words. But for me, I guess it needs a lot of practice. 

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