After the break

9:43 PM

I think my time spent during the previous semester break was worth it. Never in history have I read that much number of books in a period of a month plus of semester break. I can say they have saved me from boredom. 

Now that I'm back at the hostel, after leaving this place for 2 years and a half, I'll be spending most of my days here again for the next 5 months. To be honest, I prefer staying at home and be able to go back & forth to class. Minus the jam, it's only a 20-minute journey. But having only a driver's license and having no car, how am I suppose to drive to class? Both of my parents are going to use theirs so there is none left for me to drive.

This semester will be my last semester as a degree student. I have an academic exercise (much like a thesis) to complete, 5 subjects to score and 2 examinations to sit for. The stress will of course come soon, but it's not like I haven't overcome it before.

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