3 months of patience

12:22 PM

Practicum is over. I had it in my previous secondary school. Going back there reminds me of my secondary school days. Sometimes I see my ex-schoolmates in the behavior of my students. Well, no more long handwritten lesson plans. It was a period for me to unlock my potential and to see how I do as a teacher. To be honest, I was quiet anxious when I first started to teach my students. It's like meeting new people. A person like me isn't really fond of meeting new people. However, I know I had to adapt. I had to adapt to teacher mode. Of course, like all teachers, there would be a time where it's demotivating to teach certain types of students because of the attitude that they exhibit towards me. But I didn't give up. It's an opportunity for me to see how I should tackle these certain types of students. 

Personality wise, I'm not a person who would get angry easily and I would usually stay calm. Some of my students really offended me in a way that was disrespectful. As a teacher, disciplining them is important. At first, I just kept quiet of the wrong doings that they did but I know it would just encourage them to do more of those things. I had to take charge and exude authority. 

Towards the end, my students and I have created a bond. They are sometimes quite annoying but at the same time they can be lovable. Not only did I get the opportunity to teach them, but they had also indirectly taught me something in return.

4 Dinamik

Half of 4 Bestari boys

The other half of 4 Bestari boys

A portion of the 4 Wira kids

4 Bestari girls!

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