TESL night 2014: Masquerade night!

9:50 AM

An event that took place in Sabah Oriental Hotel. Good food (I especially loved the soup), enjoyable performances (I personally enjoyed the PISMP TESL Semester 5's modern ballroom dancing performance), and stunning TESLmates in their masks and outfits! It was a night worth remembering as it has become my final season of TESL night. Applause to the juniors for organizing such an amazing event!

Thanks to my mom for doing my hair!
Surprisingly it turned out well despite her not having any experience on styling people's hair. Worth the risk. LOL!
p/s: Braces are a must-show! xD
The handbag, bracelet, shoes, and earrings belong to my mom. She owns a lot of cool stuff!
Thanks to my mom for letting me borrow them.
The dress was actually tailor-made because maxi dresses for petites that actually fits your petite figure are a rare (or none at all) find in shops especially if you are under 5 feet tall.

I DIY-ed this mask.
Few of the pictures with awesome people during that night!!!

Credits to one of our juniors, Nadirah for this picture.

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