Labuan Trip!

9:42 PM

The last time I went to Labuan was in 2011. It was for a b-boy competition. This time, it's just to do some vacationing after 2 months of practicum. I think we teachers deserve a break. It's so fun to go on a trip with awesome friends. But a 3-hour ferry ride never cease to make me feel seasick. My way of preventing myself from vomiting? Sleep. 

We get to see all of the historical places in  Labuan and of course, take pictures while we're at it!

Chimney Museum. Yes, there is a Chimney Museum.

Pretentious laugh.

Peace Park.

Surrender Point.

Labuan War Cemetery. (I love how this picture turned out! Camera on the grass & self-timer)

It says "Hello dad, love Shirley." How touching. *wipes tears*

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