Until we meet again....

7:04 PM

From strangers to friends, from two different places to being in one class, from having normal conversations to having to laugh at each other’s silly and stupid jokes, those are the memories that had built this friendship and closeness together.

It feels good to be able to form a close relationship with those from IPKB. I honestly never thought that we would come this far in terms of our friendship. It was lively being the same class with them. There would be laughter every day. I’m going to miss it very much.

Not forgetting the lecturers, some of them are really cool just like Madam Adzura! 

To summarize, my 2 years of experience in Shah Alam was great! Gaining experience far from your own place is always an adventure. Apart from that, I met someone special while I was there! *wink2*

Now I’m back in KK for good and I have to mentally and physically prepare myself for the upcoming practicum.

Mini farewell party with Pn Hajah Zaiton.

Dr. Jamiah! She's cool too!

Us at Setia City Mall.Will miss this place.

At the gazebo.

Candid, not ready, and random with Mr Fazyudi & Mdm Norsi.
Group picture with the coolest lecturer ever - Madam Adzura!!! This is after our final Macbeth presentation..

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