I braced myself. Pun intended.

7:39 PM

I've always wanted to wear braces since I noticed that I have a horse-like face whenever I pose in pictures especially in certain angles. In Malay, it's called 'jongang'. Although mine is not a chronic case but still, it really lowered my self confidence to be honest. I admire and at the same time, envy those who have perfect teeth and perfect smile. I'd consulted a dentist two years ago but due to the fact that I was going to be in Shah Alam for 2 years, I had to postpone the treatment. Now that I'm back in KK for good, I can frequently go for dentist appointments to tighten these braces. My dentist is a friendly kind of guy plus I'd just realized that he's actually the PKR YB of Inanam - Dr. Roland Chia. LOL. Didn't realize it before my dad mentioned it to me. 

Some people are shy to flaunt their braces but for me, I'm gonna flaunt these babies whenever I take pictures. At least my years of wearing braces are documented. Gyahahaha~~~

I feel grateful as my parents are willing to pay for the treatment but I'm going to pay them back once I get my first paycheck - via installment of course. *wink*

Jongang-ness is not obvious when photographed from the front.

p/s: I'll be having practicum next month and I'm fully prepared to be called as 'Cikgu Gigi Besi' by my students. Kwang3~

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