Kedah & Penang Trip

2:05 PM

3 semesters of mid-semester holiday was somehow a waste as I did not take the opportunity to explore some of the regions in Peninsular Malaysia. It's not the same for this semester. Since it's my last semester here in UiTM Shah Alam, I'd better take the opportunity to travel! An assignment required us to travel to Kedah so Jacinta, Yazeed, Afiq and I were there for almost a week. While we're in Kedah, we took a ferry to Langkawi! On our way back to Shah Alam, we managed to stop by Penang and spent a few hours there.

 Real parrots. I was amazed that it did not try to fly and escape.

 Before boarding the next cable car.

 At Pantai Beras Basah.

 Taking a photo with the eagle is a must when going to Langkawi.

 Fort Cornwallis, Penang.

 Cute rabbits!! Fed them. :)
For the third time in my life. *wink*
Pantai Rhu, Langkawi.

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