Lumampau Trip - Night (part 2)

7:02 PM

As the night arrived, the surrounding got even colder. The breeze was stronger than it did during the day. However, it was still mild nonethelss. Not up to a bone-chilling level. The oil-fueled generator was turned on as the evening gave way to darkness.

Guess what we had for dinner. A deer. The people hunted it in the woods and served it to us and the people there. It was quite exotic I must say. Not to mention that it was my first experience to have eaten a dish of such. The meat of the deer looked like beef at first glance but by memory, the colour of a cooked beef meat is darker than that of the meat of the deer. It was delicious nonetheless. I really appreciate the hospitality that the people there had given to us. I honestly enjoyed it very much.

At almost 11, the oil-fueled generator was turned off. Having to live in a forest, it was pitch black. I was used to the city life where there would be a little bit of light from the streetlights and nearby houses coming through the windows. We used the torch light that one of the men in the area lent to us. I decided to hit the sack . Dad and bro decided to continue with their chit chat.

As I was about to sleep, there was a twinkling light on the ceiling. I wondered why there would be a twinkling light on the ceiling. Since the generator was turned off, there wouldn't be a small light left turned on. Few moments later, the twinkling light moved. It moved and attached itself on the window. The moment that it moved, it dawned on me that it was actually a firefly! It was my first encounter with a real firefly! Before this I'd only seen it in movies. The bugs there were swarming the house duirng the night so it must've traveled to my room and didn't get the chance to get out before I closed the door. There was only one word to describe it - beautiful! 

A big ass ant.

Maybe a species of grasshopper. It was huge.
To be continued...

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