Lumampau Trip - Last day (part 3)

7:02 PM

I was awaken by the sound of my dad and brother's voices and their steps coming outside from my room. Although wide awake, I decided to take another few minutes to shut my eyes like I always do. Even with the windows and door shut, the mild chilly breeze surrounded the whole room. I continued to wrap myself with the comforter. The sound of my dad and brother chit chatting from outside couldn't get me into another deep slumber. I woke up, folded the comforter, and grabbed my toothbrush. I headed to the toilet placed outside of the house and did my business there. The house itself didn't have an indoor plumbing system.

Breakfast was excellent. This time I sipped some coffee. A local branded coffee. It was probably the famous 'Kopi Tenom'. I decided to buy my own and bring it to Shah Alam. The warmth of the coffee that touched my lips and tongue complemented the cold breeze during that morning. I was glad that I had my jacket and long trousers on. 

When the clock striked 9 o'clock in the morning. The church bell started ringing. I think it was a custom for them to ring the church bell an hour before the service starts. It was probably to notify the people there to get ready and come to church. An hour or so after the church bell rang, we went down and headed to the church. The church was no further than 30 meters away from the house in which we stayed in during our visit so we just walked. It was convenient indeed.

The service started with singing hymns followed by a sermon delivered by my dad. That was the purpose of our trip. The congregants of the church was only of about 20 - 25 people. To summarize the sermon, it was about how God's love towards us is greater than our love towards God and that we should not even boast about our love towards God but preach more about God's love towards us. 

The service ended at noon . Before we leave, we ate lunch that the people there served us.

It was exactly 24 hours that we were at that place. I really admire such surrounding except that there's no mobile coverage. That's all. 

I hope to visit other places like these in the near future.

A small cute church

- The End -

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