Lumampau Trip - Afternoon (Part One)

9:57 PM

The journey took us about 4 hours. 3 hours on tarred road and 1 hour on gravelled road. There was an absence of mobile coverage within the next 40 minutes on the gravelled road on our way to our destination. I was able to make calls and surf the internet through my mobile phone for about a while before all mobile connections got disconnected. 

As I stepped out of the car, the afternoon warmth combined with the mild breeze swept through my skin. I was mesmerized by the view of the surrounding. It was the kind of surrounding that I would like to live in. Just greenneries everywhere. To make the visit more memorable, I grabbed my cameras, both digital & analogue, and snapped away!

We took our bags and put it in the house. Each of us had individual rooms. The house wasn't as big. It was small, comfortable, and cute at the same time. I pictured it to be the kind of house that I would like to live in. Yes, I love small and simple wooden houses. A wooden cottage would be the ideal wooden house for me.

To let the afternoon pass by, I layed on the double-seated sofa with the cushion placed inclined on my back. I flipped through the last less-than-100 pages of Haruku Murakami's 'Norwegian Wood' and had my mind engaged on the story. I managed to finish reading it and planned on watching the movie adaptation once I get back. The mild cold breeze entered from the door which was situated on my right. The breeze accompanied me throughtout my journey in finishing the novel. It was indeed peaceful. No fan is needed in that house as the natural cold breeze will fill in every room even if the door & windows are closed.

As evening approached, dad called us and joined the people there for an afternoon tea break at the gathering hall. Dad talked about politics if not on religious issues with one of the people there while my bro and I just sit there and listened attentively while sipping on our milk tea.

An hour journey on gravelled road

The house in which we stayed in.
Senyum kambing

Le bro

Gathering hall

Afternoon tea break

Dad chit chatting with one of the men there. He used to work in the army.

To be continued...

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