Selling handmade and customized notebooks!

7:17 PM

I've always thought of opening a shop for doing what I love to do which is making handmade notebooks. Since it's the middle of the semester break, while I'm free, I think I'd better start by starting this small business through Instagram and Blogspot. Ready-made notebooks are available. Other than that, there are various designs of notebooks in which you can customize them with the materials of your choice.

I know notebooks don't really sell like hot cakes unlike clothes and other stuff but it's good to know that I won't be just as busy. Furthermore, making handmade notebooks really requires time and effort.

Below here are some of the designs that are available in 'I Write Amour':

For more sample of designs, check out Instagram and 'I Write Amour's blog.

p/s: The name of the shop is contributed by my dear friend, Afiq. Thanks bro!

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