Superheadz UWS Sakura San - 1st batch of photos

7:38 PM

This time, I took more pictures of people and less pictures of sceneries with my UWS Sakura San. The film was loaded in there for 4 months or so. This camera is absolutely superb! It is superb in a sense that it works pretty well outdoors, in broad daylight, and under natural sunlight. It's a bummer that this camera doesn't work indoors. Even when there's a presence of a source of light, it will only produce blank frames. What a waste. It happened this time. Next time, I will make sure I will only snap pictures outdoors when using this camera. A total of 18 out of 36 frames was sacrificed. Yes, a total waste. However, I'm quite satisfied with the outcome! 

Few of the pictures that I like:

The boys of ED2205B (March 2013 - July 2013)!

Looks like someone is smiling while waiting for the bus. Hoho

White Shi Tzu

Below here are pictures taken indoors. The window in both pictures lets the sunlight in so that's why the pictures didn't actually turn out blank. However, it gets darker at the other side of the picture due to lack of sunlight.

Both pictures were taken in the KLCC food court.

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