Semester 5: Summary

9:50 PM

Vomiting, drowsiness, having not to sleep just to finish up the AE proposal, surfing with extremely fast internet connection, constantly consuming caffeine, and finally learned to cook dishes that I'd never cooked before are just some of the things that I'd experienced during the past 4 months of semester 5. 

My health wasn't stable when it comes to the area of the stomach.  It didn't occur once. But more than twice. I had never vomited that much in one semester. The drowsiness that I felt was even worse. It felt like the world was spinning and I was about to fall anytime soon but glad I was able to keep my balance. The doctor said it had something to do with 'vertigo'. Due to that, I had to skip classes and was bedridden all day. My appetite was also gone. The funny thing was, I waited for my stomach to growl the whole day. But it didn't. LOL. 

Staying up until the next morning was the experience that I first had which occurred in semester 5. It was for the sake of finishing up our AE proposal. As a person who despises last minute work, I'd always tried to complete my assignments as early as possible. But for AE proposal, it was impossible although I was the first one to have completed the presentation for the proposal, I had other assignments that needed to be completed first. Other than the AE proposal, other assignments had also contributed to my sleepless nights and excessive consumption of caffeine. On the bright side, it happened during the week after we had officially completed our lecture sessions so there were no classes to attend to anymore. I'm not a caffeine addict, and I don't intend on being one. Consuming caffeine will only be my last resort. I always try to avoid consuming caffeine.

Since I had stayed in a rented room, I had finally learned on how to cook real food and not processed ones. I practiced and tried different ingredients. The taste was ay-okay. At least it could be eaten. 

So, that sums up everything that had occurred in semester 5. As for my result, once it comes out I will accept whatever pointer that I will get. I highly doubt that I will be on the dean's list again. It just seemed impossible. At least I had two semesters of being on the dean's list.

Well, it's the start of the semester break. I'm going to spend it wisely. 

This is the photo manipulation project that I did  for my digital photography class in semester 5. It was inspired by the novel '1Q84'. Although the novel mentioned two moons (yellow & green moon), I only inserted one green moon because my lecturer preferred it to be that way.

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