Kaamatan 2013

3:25 PM

It's that time of the year again! But this time it's my second year of not celebrating Kaamatan. I'm a bit sad knowing that my family won't be doing the business in selling drinks anymore at KDCA. It has been years of tradition for our family to be at the Valai Rungus at KDCA whether to sell drinks or just to help out my dad managing the Valai Rungus during Kaamatan. That means last year was the last and I had missed it because I was just too lazy to ride the airplane. LOL. 

I remembered that every year when the month of May comes I'd always be anticipating for 30th and 31st May because that's the time of the year where I get to celebrate Kaamatan by being at KDCA for 2 straight days. I'd always be at KDCA from early morning until night to help out my dad if not hanging out with my cousins and siblings. I would randomly bump into familiar faces and just exchange smiles with them. The weather may be as hot as the Sahara Dessert or it may rain cats and dogs. As far as I could remember, it has been like that since 2004 and we started selling drinks since 2010 or was it 2009? I forgot.  

I guess starting from next year, I guess I'll just stick there for around 2 hours or so to eat, take pictures, and probably hang out for a while with some friends. 

On the bright side, we won't be so busy with things to do for the Valai Rungus anymore especially for my dad. Finally, the time has come for us to sit back and relax during Kaamatan. 

Maganu oku kosivatan diti mamason do Kotobian Tagazo do Kaamatan kumaa toinsanan!

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