SIB Shah Alam New Comer's Celebration (NCC)

12:55 AM

It is an event where the church celebrates the new comers. Be it new students or workers, the event is especially held for them! The event will be held every semester because when the new semester comes, of course there will be a number of Christian freshmen from Sabah and Sarawak who had just enrolled in a tertiary institute (mainly around Shah Alam) and are looking for a nearby church to go to. I was first there two NCCs ago during my first week in Shah Alam which was a year ago. Now I'm regularly being appointed as the photographer for the event. It's a pleasure to be appointed as one because I'm doing it for GOD! 

Dinner is served!

Ice-breaking session

10 times of 'siput-siput'

A short skit

Some classical music for the night

Joshua and Marcella. They're awesome singers! Like seriously!

Praise and worship

"Selangkah demi selangkah, ku maju tiada lelah walaupun ku berjalan dalam lembah kekelaman."

Guest performer: Happy Day

Pastor Richard delivering the Word of God


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