12:12 AM

How beautiful this life is that sometimes one will refuse to stop and just wonder. Work and responsibilities take us away from the beauty that is actually a part of us. The blooming of flowers seemed to be rare. A breezy touch from the wind on our faces seemed to be miles away. Minds filled with the busyness of life instead of the true beauty that makes up this life. That beauty awaits us from outside. Ready to be taken care of. Ready to be pampered. But do we even care from the inside?

Walking around the park with my camera hanging around my neck makes me realize that the particular beauty seemed to be rare to these eyes. I can't literary bring it home with me. But the camera will. The beauty is made even more significant when you have a special person to share it with. I guess that is one of the reasons why God created people and nature to live together side by side.

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