What's in the bag?

11:10 PM

Some people say, what you have in your bag indicates your personality. I'm not sure of the degree of the truth to that statement but I'll let you be the judge.

The bag

It has been with me since 2009. It's a bit torn at the bottom but with a few stitches, it still can be saved. I just need to find time to do some sewing. Although there are many bags that are being purchased after it, this one still has my heart.

The wallet

I have changed wallets just to find the size that I'm most comfortable with. This one is perfect.

The phone

It has been with me since few days before the day of my 22nd birthday.

The film camera

It is to capture moments on film. I know the phone can do just that for me but as a film photography enthusiast, I prefer to do so as to how our grandparents and parents did before the advent of digital photography. The aesthetic value of film photography just cannot be compared as to that of digital photography. That's how I see it. But I still pursue both ways in capturing memories.

The book

It keeps me company and occupied while waiting for anything or anyone. Especially when I'm alone.

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