A story to tell: Two

12:16 AM

There was a face that went unnoticed and a character that was yet to be known. He passed her by and she passed him by.  It was a moment where their minds were occupied with a face of a person. The moment was also where each of their existence did not matter to each other. A random ‘hi’ on a Sunday morning was their only conversation. Of mere hellos and handshakes even went on for some time. 

After many sun shines and rainy days, she finally began to notice the face. But he did not. He became the character that she wanted to know. But there was no interest in him of her character. The mere hellos and handshakes turned to long conversations and laughter. A normal glance of his was enough to make her smile. Her smile was the clue. He did not notice it. She was never good in giving clues. She would rather be silent. Only in her prayers that God would know of it. 

Problems after problems arise. He questioned ‘Why is this happening? What is the meaning of this?’ Guilt consumed her as she did not know what to do. She can only listen. Feeling pity was she of what’s happening to him. But the spirit of God in him amazed her as he still could laugh and talk to her even in the midst of the negativity surrounding him. A moment not too soon in the middle of it all, what she felt came out of her mouth. The jokily manner in which she uttered the words made it sound as if she was not serious about it. The spirit that surrounded the moment was joyful and jolly. She would like to keep it that way. Out of the laughter after she uttered what she felt, she knew there was never going to be any chance. Positivity was what she had to embrace at that moment. 

He started to think. Decisions had to be made. It was complicated but he had to choose for what was best for him. For her, she already made the decision that was best for her. From guidance from Above, she knew it was the best after several months of prayer. 

Hands held tight. It was a new beginning. Her prayer was answered. For him, it was something unexpected. For what might have come in the future, they do not know. But what they do know was that a reliance on prayer and the Divine power were on top of their list. 

p/s: Just giving a shot at writing 'creatively'. I know I need more practice.

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