Shih Tzu love

12:57 PM

As I stepped on the grounds of my home, before I could open the front door, my brother said, there's going to be a surprise inside there. There was not a single thing that I thought of that could act as a surprise for me upon my arrival. As I opened the door, from a 10 meter distance, there they were. The two little fur balls. Running and barking towards a human that they had first set their eyes upon. I expected that they were going to attack me. But luckily they did not. They looked up towards me, I looked down. Wagging their tails, panting while sticking their tongues out. They were so tiny. Tinier than the ones that we had before. The white one was actively trying to nibble my ankles and toes. The other one stood quietly but continued to wag its tail. After being on a boring 2-hour flight during the night, I was welcomed with this kind of surprise. All I can say was, 'Home sweet home'

- A minor occurrence on 8th January 2012.

Girlfriend and boyfriend.

"I'm trying to take my nap here."

"I hope that's lunch."

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