Of UWS Sakura San, Lomography Exhibition, & 'Good Wives',

6:21 PM

I needed a lomocam that settings weren't needed prior to shooting. So I opted for the Superheadz UWS (Ultra Wide Slim) Sakura San. Unlike two of my previous lomo cameras, this toy camera is a point-and-shoot kind of lomocam and I don't have to bother about the settings prior to snapping a picture. 

A new family member! Her name shall be 'Sakura'.
After picking up Sakura from the post office, I went straight to the Lomography Exhibition in Wishbone Restaurant located at Gaya Street. I didn't know where the restaurant was located so I spent about 10-15 minutes searching for it. Here are some pictures to describe the exhibition.

A creative way to put up the pictures.

Each batch of photographs comes with a description of the lomographer, the type of camera being used, and the type of film.
If only I could get my hands on those cameras.
Currently, when I enter a bookstore, I will try to look for any one of Louisa May Alcott's novels. Thank God this time I managed to find one when I entered Warisan Square's Time's Bookstore. I bought the one which is published from  Penguin Popular Classics. The price is cheap (doesn't cost more than RM10!) when it comes to this particular publisher. 'Good Wives' is the sequel to 'Little Women'.

New book on my shelf

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