Cool biblical baby names

3:03 PM

I was bored. So I thought of browsing through baby names. 
(p/s: I'm not expecting a baby)

Kyria (girl) - Noble lady
Jathniel (boy) - Whom God hires
Ithiel (boy)- God is with me
Tryphena (girl)- Delicate, shining
Zedekiah (boy)-  Righteousness of God
Zephan (boy) - Hidden by God
Elishua (boy & girl) - My God is wealth.
Abdiel (boy), Abdiela (girl)- Servant of God
Adriel (boy), Adriella (girl) - Flock of God, belonging to God
Ananiah (male) - Protected by God
Azel (boy & girl) - Noble

But when the time comes, I would want my children to be identified as few of the above names.

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