The reason

9:28 PM

There are things that will stray you away from God - including certain types of relationships. I admit that my relationship with the LORD has not been burning up with desires for the past few months (which was through out the year of 2012). The main reason was because I was involved with someone who was not passionately in love with Christ. I don't blame anyone but myself because of the decision that I had made. Although I prayed for it, it did not seem to bear any fruit. My faith somehow went down the hill as well. Although I prayed every day and night, and went to church every week, the passion was not there. My passion for God was lost. I can't seem to hear God anymore. I realized I had furthered myself away from God. As a Christian, I realized that it wasn't the relationship that I wanted. A relationship that is God-centered is a relationship where the couple seeks God thoroughly and often talks about God. We didn't have that kind of relationship. One day I realized that it was time to put an end to it. Don't get me wrong, my love for him was sincere, but what is the use of being in a relationship that isn't God-centered and that doesn't contribute anything to the growing of my faith towards Christ? Apart from this reason, there were other things that indicated that I should not be with him.

It's time for me to get back up and develop my faith towards Christ.

Here is a gospel song that is really a blessing to me:

Tak Kau pandang
Hidupku yang bercela
Tak Kau hitung
Semua dosa dosaku

Kau angkatku saat ku jatuh
Kau berikan hidup yang baru

Betapa Kau buatku berarti
Betapa Kau kasihi diriku
TanganMu memelukku
CintaMu menguatkanku

Betapa Kau buatku berarti
Betapa Kau kasihi diriku
Kau jadikanku sempurna
Berharga dimataMu

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