A prayer for us

8:05 PM

Dear Lord Father in Heaven, thank you for sending me someone special. 
I pray so that our relationship is centered in You and let this relationship glorify Your name. 
Deliver us away from temptations such as sexual temptations that might tarnish Your name and also this relationship. 
Even when we have each other, let us not forget about You, the One whom has give us life and let You be the main priority in both of our lives. 
I also pray so that both of us can help each other in the growing of our faith towards You. 
Let Your word be our guide in this relationship and also in everything we do. 
Along the way, I know there will be challenges that we will go through in this relationship.
But let us bring those challenges in prayer and still look to You despite the challenges that we're facing.
Whatever it will be, this relationship is in Your hands.
Let Your will be done.
Dear Lord, this is my prayer for this relationship.
In the name of Lord Jesus Christ's, 

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