Interior design: My dream cottage house

1:39 PM

When I'm bored, I occasionally go around the internet and look for cottage-themed interior designs to get inspirations for my future house. As listed in my wishlist, one of it is to build my own dream cottage house. 

Photo taken in  IKEA at The Curve.
From the various designs that were exhibited, this living room design caught my interest.
I wish to have a living room design just like this.
It looks cottage-themed.

For the kitchen, I'm interested in a design like this.
But the colour theme would preferably be beige-white themed.

A place to sleep with my future husband. :p

Dining room.

I would love to have a wooden cottage design for my house but of course I must consider purchasing a high quality wood for my house or else it would fall apart. Nobody would want that to happen.

In order for all of this to come true, I must study hard (I know it's cliche but it's true) and save up some money.

I already have the land, all I need later are the money and a dedicated architect.  *wink*

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