Everything has changed

7:06 PM

I believe, when a lecturer's marking system is strict, he or she just wants to see our effort or even our extra effort. Some people might only want the easy way out in a course but for me, I don't mind him or her being strict in their marking system at all. I take it as a challenge. *CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!* Of course doing extra effort kind of work would be tiring, but as I have mentioned in one of my previous post, just sleep it off and then proceed with your work. 

Mid semester break is here. Most of my fellow comrades are going back to their respective hometowns. I'll just be here in Kolej Mawar minding my own business. I do not feel like going back to KK when I have tons of work to do. I have exactly 12 days to complete the given tasks and study for an upcoming test. I already ruined one of the tests for this week and I really need to compensate the 'loss' by doing super duper extra effort. If not, it'll affect my GPA for this semester. It was my fault anyway. Being careless and all. There is no room for carelessness for the next time. 

It's all about being productive!

This is the novel that I purchased recently.
Since it's the mid semester break, I'll have more time to read it. 

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