Make it a habit

10:42 PM

Possessing negative thoughts will never bring you anywhere further. Instead of progressing, you are regressing. Of course, you have to be realistic when it comes to thinking positive. You don't want to end up being disappointed in the end when your expectations are not met. 

I don't think there is a place for any negativity that should surround the mind of a student. Why complain about being tired all the time when it is all for the sake of your future? Why complain about not being able to have your weekend off when you have academic related activities to attend to? Why complain all the time with all the work and assignments given when they serve as an opportunity for us to dig deeper into the knowledge regarding to our field of studies? I used to complain too but I am now aware of the benefits that I, as a student, can gain from all of these. It takes years to realize it but I know it's a process that I'm going through which is the process of learning and growing up. 

Being a student is indeed tiring but what is effort without experiencing tiredness? Sleep if off. That's it. And proceed with your work. But of course you could not be spending the whole day sleeping nor doing other things that are not related to your studies. Not only it is counterproductive but it also wastes energy.

This is what motivates me. 

Of course I will not forget that I am just a normal human being that possesses limitations. Therefore, I  can only and will try my best in inculcating all of these habits. 

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