Fulfilled holiday plans!

4:38 PM

The new semester will commence next week. I will spend another 4-5 months in Shah Alam. I doubt that I will return home during the mid semester break nor even during Christmas. No matter, I survived without returning to KK during last semester's mid semester break. Therefore, I have no doubts whatsoever that it'd not be a problem for me for this upcoming semester.

Anyway, after planning my holidays in this post, I am proud to say that I have succeeded in endeavouring all of them. This semester break is by far my most productive semester break ever. Furthermore, I give myself credit for not taking naps on a daily basis in the afternoon during this semester break. Taking naps was what I do best during the previous semester breaks (haha~). But now, it's sort of a seldom act. 

1. DIY projects 

Honestly, I didn't expect to make more than one DIY project during this semester break. Apart from these four DIY projects below, I'd decided to make another one but due to the fact that there was a problem with the sewing machine, I guess I have to put that one on hold and proceed during the next semester break.

2. Reading

I didn't actually complete the remaining books that I was suppose to read but I picked up reading new books instead. 'What the Dog Saw' was a book that I borrowed from a cousin of mine even before last semester started. 'Agnes Grey' & 'Emotional Intelligence' were the two books that I borrowed from my younger brother. 'Teach with My Heart' was the only one of the remaining books that I had managed to continue reading. 'Never Let Me Go' was a book that I purchased from my senior at a more than 50% discounted price. 'Emotional Intelligence' is still currently in progress and I'm going to bring it to Shah Alam. 

3. Work out

The pictures below sum up my work out regimen. It's quite fun to break out a sweat. I spent at least about 20-30 minutes per day working out. But there are days where I was lazy and just wanted to rest from working out. These muscles need their rest as well by the way.

With us girls being placed inside the UiTM main campus at Section 2, I don't know whether I can find a perfect spot for me to perform my work out regimen without being so out of place. A gym is available inside the campus but for now I'm not sure whether it will always be available for the students or not.

A productive semester break indeed. :)

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