Vintage book

7:12 PM

How often is it that we get to hold an item that is of the past? Way back in the past. An item that is worth at least 100 years old?  I find it fascinating to be able to touch and see an item that is from the past. An item that existed even before my grandparents were born. The item that I'm talking about here is a book. A 110 years old book. It was sitting on top of my dad's bookshelf. It's a Christian related book that was  first kept in Berkeley Baptist Divinity School and later it was kept in Sabah Theological Seminar. Few years later, the book was withdrawn from the Sabah Theological Seminar library and my dad had offered to keep it as a personal belonging. The book was published in 1902. Books from those days were simple. The cover has no graphics unlike the books nowadays where almost every front cover of a book has pictures printed on them. 

I love to look at vintage things. What more if those vintage things are just in front of my eyes. It makes me want to live in those days...but I know it's impossible. 

Don't you guys realize that the vintage style is somehow being revived? 

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