The two after me

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Usually siblings are the ones that we have as playmates during the early stage of our lives, which was during our childhood. For me, I had two younger ones. I am the eldest. Other than having each other as playmates, if you really want to know, I used to bully them a lot. I think I was the cruelest among the cruelest. I know, such an exaggeration. At times, as a little kid, I had no sympathy towards them. I would call myself 'the big bullying sister'. Thank goodness I was taught by my strict parents to be disciplined and to treat my brothers nicely. Well, as little children, I think it is a normal situation where siblings fight and hit each other. But none of them ever hit me back. *gyahahahaha!*

Fast forward to about 15 years and you'll find the three of us already being college and university students. Each of them has their own specialty. The one after me is interested in science and books. I often borrow his books which gets on his nerves at times *haha!* His range of vocabulary is even wider than mine which inspires me to expand more of my knowledge of vocabulary. Not only in terms of vocabulary but also in other genres of knowledge. I've learned a lot from him when it's supposed to be the other way around. I don't mind it at all actually. The youngest one is more of a computer expert. He knows how to dismantle and assemble the CPU. Just give him the parts that are needed for the CPU and leave the rest to him. He'll charge you for it though. As for me, I can get free computer consultation right at home! xD I'm sure he'll be doing much more than that in the future.

Since the advent of internet memes, it has somehow became one of our source of interaction. We joke around using references from internet memes and they have never failed to make us laugh. Although some of the internet meme jokes are sometimes stupid, yet, they are not lame. I personally enjoy internet meme jokes. Haha! So do they.

Around 15 years ago

Future teacher. Future computer programmer. Future doctor.

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