10:46 AM

I opened my eyes. It was already bright. There was a desire to continue being in slumber. Then I remembered - result is out today! I grabbed my phone and tried to check my result in my email. Argh. I was not able to log in. That made me even more nervous. I checked Facebook posts from my fellow comrades. As I read through their posts, I was happy for their success. However, the more I scrolled down and read their posts, the more nervous I got. Everyone knew their result. It's time to know mine. I jumped out from my bed. Turned on my laptop. Logged into my email. Before I clicked on the email, I imagined numbers. I imagined the possible GPA that I would probably get for last semester. Click. The moment I saw my GPA, I screamed. I was literally in shock. I couldn't believe my eyes at first. I thought my eyes had deceived me. I rubbed my eyes. I even blinked a few times. Just to make sure my eyes were not playing with me. For a second, I got confused between CGPA and GPA. Is it the one on the right or left? I asked myself for confirmation. It's the one on the right.

The day that I imagined when I obtain this kind of mind-blowing result and be able to jump for joy and announce it to my parents first thing in the morning. That day is today! 

Thank you, LORD! Thank you, lecturers! Thank you, my dear friends and fellow comrades! Without them, I couldn't obtain such result. Thank you!!!

It's a first.

I hope to maintain this kind of result in the next semester. But I know it won't be easy.

Celebrated my morning with these.

If you're in the Dean's list, you gotta flaunt your pointer.

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