My wellness analysis

4:22 PM

There is a nutrition center right here in Putatan that offers free wellness analysis. I'd decided on getting myself checked and here are the results:

Body fat range: 25.6 
(status: medium, need to lower it down to 22.1 to achieve 'healthy' status)

% Body water range: 54.5
(status: normal)

Muscle mass: 31.1 
(3% higher than the minimum requirement for women of my age)

Physique ratings: 5 
(status: standard)

Basal Metabolic Rate: 1027 
(need to boost it up between 1200-1500)

Basal metabolic age: 17 
(My actual age is 21. Oh yeah, I'm young! xD)

Bone mass: 1.7 
(below 1.95 than the required bone mass for women of my weight)

Visceral fat: 2 
(status: excellent)

Comments from the nutritionist:
1. I need to boost my metabolic rate. 

All this while I thought I had a normal metabolic rate, but it seems to be the opposite. Apart from exercising (which I am already currently doing often), I need to eat more fish and greens! And also I need to stop eating large meals with many hours in between and have a meal or a snack for every 3-4 hours instead.

2. I should gain 2 kgs.

Not necessarily in terms of fats but in terms of bone and muscle mass.

3. Drink more calcium to increase bone mass. 

I am currently at risk in developing osteoporosis. Serves me right. It's been ages since I've had a habit of drinking milk. It's better for me to start increasing my bone mass now before it's too late. 

I will go for another check up in the next 5-6 months. Perhaps right after I come back from Shah Alam. I'll be leaving for Shah Alam again on next Saturday.

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