Lomography: Vinny feat Kodak Gold 100 (expired)

6:02 PM

This is my second batch of photographs. This time they came out from an expired 35mm film. The film expired in December of 2011. 14 out of 24 frames were developed. The images printed are supposed to be in a square framed format or half framed format. But what happened here was they all have been developed in full framed format. So most of the images have been cropped off a bit at the right side of the frame. I guess the machine at the photo lab did this. There was a mistake that I did to the camera which I was unaware of while I was shooting. From what the woman told me at the photo lab, the exposed part of the film was not completely aligned for the machine to read so a portion of the picture was cropped. Good thing I asked or else I would do the same mistake on my next roll. Nonetheless, I still love the outcome. I call this a 'beautiful mistake'. The colours on the expired film are simply breathtaking. Thanks to my cousin for selling one roll of expired film to me.

I love the colour.

On top of the pedestrian bridge

Long exposures will always produce this outcome when you handle the camera with your bare shaky hands.
(Traditional Chinese Bible)

Putatan Railway Station. I love this shot the most.
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