Introducing Vladimir, the Smena (Смена) 8M Russian vintage camera

4:19 PM

Another lomocam has been added into my collection. This time it's Russian. I know what some of you guys are thinking. "You already have the Diana Mini and now you want another lomocam????" Well, to whomever it may concern, the Diana Mini is in square frame format and half frame format. I needed an analogue camera that is of a normal frame format. Also, I wanted one that has a vintage design. Hence, the new lomocam. Besides, this is the cheapest vintage-looking camera that I can afford. It's even cheaper than the Diana Mini. There is a problem with it though. It does not come with a take up spool. I'd read threads that discuss on the Smena 8M, and it seems that I'm not alone. The other users of this type of camera also have similar problems. Thank goodness for the internet, I have found the solution here.

The manual is in Russian.
Good thing there is an English manual for it in PDF format.

It comes with a bag.

Made in Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

*Interesting fact: among those ranks of Smena enthusiasts is included Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who assassinated John F. Kennedy. Following an FBI raid on his residence, a Smena-2 was found among his possessions. As fear of Communism and conspiracy theories abounded, this Soviet camera caused quite a controversy at the time. Is there a connection? You decide!

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