DIY home deco

6:47 PM

My first DIY project is complete!

About 2-3 days were spent in using these -

  to produce this -

The letters were assembled from pieces of toothpicks by using strong adhesive substance. Later they are painted with water resistant poster color.
I know that I could have created an even prettier design than this one but I wanted to start off with something simple since it's my first attempt. It's the simplest design that I can come up with. It might look easy, but don't be fooled by the simplicity of its design. It's completely hand-stitched to assemble the lace, cloth, and the letters. I would use the sewing machine if I could, but I have yet to learn in utilizing one. Hand stitching is indeed tiring. But it is worth it when the desired outcome is obtained.

Up next, I'll be making a camera bag for my Diana Mini. Little Vinny doesn't have its own camera bag so I'm gonna make one for it! I already have all the materials prepared. Wait for it! :)

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