Lomography: Vinny's (my Diana Mini) debut! feat. Fujifilm Superia 200

3:04 PM

After I've wasted my first roll of film on Vinny, I thought it was broken. I asked my cousin Sapphire for a consultation on Vinny. She said it was fine and advised me to give it a test. I decided to try it with a second roll of film just to make sure. Guess what, Vinny is okay! *big smile* What a relief~! Although I used a 24 exposure film, only 12 were managed to be developed. I don't blame Vinny, probably it's just the way I handled it. Never mind, better luck next time ey? Below here are few of the shots from the film. No edits, they're original and fresh from the camera.

I love the colour and contrast on this one.
My neighbourhood on half frame format
An attempt on double exposure

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