One wish fulfilled!

3:27 PM

These are all the books that I own. You can see that I don't really read a lot in the recent years. I'm a late bloomer in reading. My younger brother developed his reading habit earlier than me. He already has books that are of the equal amount of 3 bookshelves! What about me? Observe the picture above. =_="

Due to financial restrictions, even though our allowance just came out, I don't think I'll be buying all the books in this wishlist at one purchase. I cannot spend so much during this semester break. I will have other things to invest on (academic books, food) when the new semester starts. By the way, I've already bought one of the books in the wishlist from Sis Ashley, my Cohort 5 senior. Thanks sis! So, one wish is fulfilled! :D

This is the book.

Maybe I'll read a new book per month? That's if after I have finished all the pending books (currently, I have five). Although I'm planning to read a new book per month, I still have to consider time and financial factors.

By the way, this is my blog entry regarding my reading habit in 2009. You can make a comparison of how I was back then and how I am now, and the amount of books that I own back then and now judging from the pictures in both entries. LOL.

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