Of Brave and Starbucks

8:34 PM

Our exam paper for Phonetic and Phonology is not until next Saturday. Since it's still a few days to go, why not go relax ourselves for a movie? So it's off to Bukit Raja~! Wednesday is usually movie day! Movie tickets will be cheaper than the normal price but still it is not cheap compared to Growball Cinema in Centre Point (13 days left till I step foot on Sabah!). What movie did we watch? It was Disney Pixar's Brave. Tears almost flowed down my cheek during the end of the movie. It has something to do with a mother-daughter relationship. It was indeed a touching scene. 

Honestly, due to Literature and Media course that we've been taking this semester, I did not blindly watch the movie just like I did before. I analyzed the movie like it was some sort of an assignment! Lol. Thanks to Madam Adzura, our Literature and Media lecturer for inculcating this habit in us! Honestly, she's the most knowledgeable lecturer that I know. She'll bombard us with information and knowledge that we'd never thought of knowing. Personally, she's an inspiration.

After that, we browsed through bookstores and drank Starbucks! Thanks to Jacinta's Starbuck's card, we get to drink Frappucinos for half a price! Well that's a first. Good thing it's a Wednesday.

Apart from spending money on Starbucks and 'Brave', I purchased a memoir, Teacher Man by Frank McCourt. I first knew about the book on Goodreads while I was searching for memoirs that are about real life teachers. I stumbled upon it and it was in my wishlist ever since. Now I finally have it in my hands~!

There was a clearance sale at Sasa. I purchased a nail polish and a mascara. The mascara was 70% off!  I was out of mascara anyway so I decided to buy a new one. The nail polish...well, I'm not so sure. But it was below RM 5! 

If only our allowance is already in, since it's SALES SEASON all over Malaysia, I would have spent my money on clothes and books~! I see many styles of clothes and a few books that caught my interest but with the amount of money that is left in my bank account, I guess I would just have to wait for the allowance to be in. It's a good thing the sale will be on until 2nd of September. Plus, I heard IPT students all over Malaysia, such as myself would be receiving 'Kad Diskaun Siswa 1 Malaysia'~! Oh yes, I'm superbly thrilled by this news! Woop~! Woop~!

 Looks like someone bought 'Fifty Shades of Grey'. If you know what I mean... Hahaha....


What I bought...

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