Isn't sales season great? :)

8:48 PM

Finally, I bought two blouses for myself, a handbag for my mom and a wallet for my dad. They're my expression of gratitude towards their financial contribution to me throughout these years (from buying my baby clothes to my laptop). It's time to give something back to them. 

I think these are all that I'm going to buy for myself for now (will purchase the books that I want in KK but I will only buy them at one at a time). I've always wanted another style of plaided blouse and a floral blouse. Now I already have these styles in my wardrobe, I'm quite satisfied! :D

I have to control my spending since the new semester will only start in September. I don't want to lose half of my allowance by then.

p/s: 7 days till I reach KK!

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