Holiday plans

12:04 AM

Just done sitting for Phonetics and Phonology paper today and here is what I have to say:

Dear Phonetics and Phonology, through the hardships that I've been through with you, you have taught me new knowledge, patience and perseverance. It's been good knowing you. I hope to see you again...NOT!!! Hahahahaha~~~ Love, me. 

Anyway, about a month plus of holiday is coming up. Few of the things that are in my to-do list are:

1. Work out more (daily, if possible):
My abs are already toned but it's not that obvious. My biceps are developing but they're uneven. My left bicep is smaller than my right bicep. I'm determined to make both of them to be of equal size. I'm going to focus on training my abs and my biceps during this holiday. Seriously, I could not go on a day without bursting a sweat~! (ok, an element of hyperbola is inserted there.) Just like what one of my lecturers said, girls should work out more (ie. lift weights) because we have weaker upper body strength. We (girls) should build and develop our upper body strength. 

2. Spend more time with reading:
I still have a few books to be completed. I have this habit which I buy a new book even before I finish reading the previous one. I have to control myself.

3. DIY project:
The idea popped up in my head when I attended Sunday school seminar last week. It was like some sort of a DIY home deco thing. I'll share it here soon. 

That's all for now I think...

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