Simple act of making pictures

1:43 AM

I'm not a photography course student in any colleges or universities.
I don't own any expensive camera equipment. 
The course that I'm taking in university doesn't have anything to do with photography. 
I've never even attend any photography seminars.

I learn just by looking at pictures and practice taking pictures with my camera. 
I like to take pictures because they last and they reflect the memories that we have.
I like to see people's expressions in pictures.
Candid or no candid,
snapping people's faces and their actions with my camera makes me happy.

I don't do it for money nor do I intend to make money out of it in the future.
It's all about pleasure, satisfaction, and my happiness.
It makes me even happier when I have people around me (my family, friends and my boyfriend) that supports, acknowledges and appreciates this passion of mine and this journey that I take.

Much love to all of you~! 

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