Revo reunion: Revival lifestyle~! (A testimony)

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Warning: This is going to be a long post. But whoever reads it until the end, I hope you'll be blessed by it. :)

Last year, I wasn't able to attend Revo's reunion conference. I only managed to attend Revo KK. However, this year, praise the LORD, I'm able to attend the 3-day (31st May-2nd June) Revo reunion conference. For the first two days, it was held at The Summit Hotel. The last day of the conference was held in Stadium Negara [one of Malaysia' national heritage!!!]. Even though the registration fee for the event was quite costly and I almost didn't want to attend the event due to financial constraints, God made way. At the end of the day, the fee doesn't matter. I felt very blessed by the event~! Besides, it's a one week Kaamatan/Gawai holiday here in UiTM. Since I'm not back in Sabah, it's better to participate in the conference.

Here is a brief testimony that I would like to share with you guys:

For the past few days before the conference, there was like a burden on my shoulder. I did a mistake towards someone. I did apologize but from that day on, I felt useless. Unworthy. Felt like rubbish. Not only I felt guilty towards that person but also guilty towards God. Just think of any negative adjectives, that's how I felt. I did pray for forgiveness but still, it was not enough. I felt something was missing. I still feel [insert any negative adjectives here]. Messed up.

During the 3-day conference, there were six sermons delivered by six different speakers. One of the sermons that touched me was Pastor Palan's sermon. After hearing Pastor Palan's sermon, it made me realize that whatever messed up things that I did, it cannot hold me from the plans that God had planned for me. God's love is a love that does not see our past - the negative past. It is about how good it is going to be NOT how bad it was (Pastor Palan, 2012). I already knew and understood what he's preaching about. It was the same old topic that I heard over and over again. But that night, it was simply like - WOW~! The feeling was different somehow. I guess through Pastor Palan, that night, God had told me and reminded me to NOT feel unworthy or [insert any negative adjectives here] because He loves me despite of my mistakes. Furthermore, there was an altar call after his sermon. I myself, along with some of the others, walked to the front. While the praise and worship team was playing, one of the leaders in the conference (I didn't know who it was [because I was praying for myself while closing my eyes and lifted my hands in worship] but it was a woman), laid her hands on my head and started praying for me. I didn't remember the exact words, but I think it went something like this. Right after she said 'In Jesus' name, take away all of the guilt that she has inside her.', all of the guilt that was inside of me for days, even after the minute I heard Pastor Palan's sermon, and heck, I even felt the guilt in my sleep, it disappeared just like that. It disappeared with a snap. No more guilt. I felt calm. Very calm. I hear God saying, 'Everything is going to be alright.' Praise the LORD~!!!!!!!!

Few of the things that I jotted down during the sermon:

1. Revolutionary love disregards whatever our background is.
2. Revolutionary love does the opposite of what the flesh desires.
3. Revolutionary love keeps its promises. 

One more thing, prayer is powerful. It is even more powerful when more than 1 person is praying for the same thing. I know this but being a person who doesn't share much with other people, I seldom ask for anyone to pray for me. I had this re-realization (does such word exists? haha~) when the woman prayed for me during the altar call. 

Indeed, the conference was indeed a blessing for me. I thank the LORD for the opportunity. I thank my  brothers and sisters in Christ who are studying in UiTM INTEC campus for telling me about the event. I tell you, they really have the fire going for Jesus~! I admire their passion. 

By the way, below here are pictures~!

Cool huh?
Yeah, this is inside of Stadium Negara.

My sisters in Christ~!
Oh yeah, I also purchased the same red shirt that they're wearing.

Praise and worship.

It's Juwita Suwito making a special live performance
...along with other 5 local English talents. 
One picture of famous Malaysian English artist is enough...haha...
She performed two gospel songs and her latest single.
(You don't know her? Ask Google.)

Dance performance~!!!

p/s: I only brought my camera during the last day of the conference. So yeah...

'Everything is going to be okay.'

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