Natalea & Ellhia

9:15 PM

A photoshoot requested by two beautiful future doctors, Natalea (Dusun girl from Kota Belud) and Ellhia (Kenyah girl from Bintulu). They’ve just completed their A-levels and will soon pursue their studies in medicine! Although we’ve only got to know each other for quite a while, getting to know them has been a pleasurable experience. They have such happy-go-lucky personalities~!

These photos are taken at Taman Tasik Shah Alam in Section 2. The weather was quite okay but then again, my reflector could not be fully utilized. The clouds kept blocking the sun. *sob sob* 

 This is Natalea with her beautiful face.

View her album here.

This is Ellhia with her baby face and beautiful legs. Haha.
(mcm org ckp...'kaki SNSD'. LOL)

View her album here

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