Mandarin (3rd language) video project

1:37 AM

Towards the end of the semester, as our final project assignment for our 3rd language course, we were assigned to act while speaking in our 3rd language (in our case, it's Mandarin). Wanna see four non-Chinese girls (though some of us do look like a Chinese...LOL) speaking in Mandarin? Below here is the video that I have edited. Our voices might not be clear enough so turn the volume up a little to get clear sounds. Excuse us for our stiff acting and wrong Mandarin pronunciation! Dui bu qi! (>,<) Enjoy the video~!


One day, Zell (me) was hungry and suggested her housemates to go to the pasar malam to buy some food. At the pasar malam, Nana forgot to bring her money. Vell borrowed her money to Nana and have Nana pay her back later. After few days, Nana had not yet paid Vell's money to her. Nana was worried that Vell might remember and will be anxious and embarrassed if Vell was to ask her for the money first. At the end of the story, before Vell went off to KL to see her boyfriend, Nana approached her and finally paid her back the money that she borrowed. 

Ok, I know we could have created a better story line than this but we are only required to use most of the Mandarin words that we have learned this semester. This is the only thing that we could think of. 

p/s: Thanks to Jacinta for helping us to record! :)

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