i-City photoshoot

11:05 PM

This was a photoshoot requested by Jessica, Elhia and their friends. Jessica and Elhia are both my church friends from SIB Shah Alam and we live in the same college apartment. They have completed their A-level exams and are about to leave UiTM INTEC to pursue their studies in the Degree level. I wish the best to all of them!

During post-processing, I relied almost 100% on Photoshop! I didn't bring my reflector to use during the day (the weather was not in a good condition anyway) and I didn't even have a speedlight to help me with lightings during the night photoshoot nor even during the day! It was pretty bad. However, thanks to Photoshop, bad lighting effect can be fixed! All hail Photoshop CS5!!!! Lol.

Don't they look like an all-girl Korean pop group in this picture?
Most people think so. Hehe~

This is Cleo. I love her natural beauty. A fellow Sabahan as well.

Surrounded by i-City lights.

More pictures here.

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